“It’s not often you come across a teacher who has the rare combination of knowledge, humility, passion and humor. Meg brings all of this to every class. She has a deep understanding of various yoga methods, from the traditional philosophies behind them to the anatomical alignment of each pose – yet she approaches each class as an opportunity to learn. Her love of yoga and of teaching it is clear in the way she leads her physically challenging classes with kindness, humor and respect for the individual student. Meg’s classes inspired me to enroll in a teacher training program she designed, and I received my certification under her mentorship. It has deepened my physical and spiritual practice tremendously, and yet I still walk out of her class learning something new.” – Ana M. 

“I started practicing yoga 6 years ago and was spoiled by the diversity and quality of classes available to me in NYC. When I moved to Johannesburg a year and a half ago, I needed yoga to keep me balanced. Meg appeared as my beacon of light. Her classes became non-negotiable staples of my week. Meg brings a bright energy and deeply thoughtful message to each class. Her classes are invigorating and upbeat. She pushes her students to their edge, challenging what they think is possible, while ensuring correct form. I’m very sad to lose her to the US. You can be sure that when I visit NYC, you will find me in her class.” – Carolyn K.

“Meg is a fantastic yoga teacher. I am always encouraging people to try one of her classes. For me she has the perfect balance of a strong physical practice and spiritual practice, inspiring dharma talks, fantastic sequences, great adjusments and most importantly her classes are fun. Easy to talk yourself into going, and challenging when you get there. After one of her classes I always feel amazing, I definitely know I’ve just done 90 minutes of yoga.”Trevor C.

“I met Meg in 2013 at our mutual Johannesburg yoga home Living Yoga and was fortunate enough to attend as many of her classes as I could in the time that she taught there. She is a wonderful teacher with the best play lists EVER – the only class you are guaranteed to want to dance in rather than be in downward facing dog when the class starts. Although the music sets the scene, the best part of her class is how she brings her honest and real energy into the space and teaches from a place of real understanding of her students. She will always challenge you, always leave you with something to think about and always with a huge smile on your face. New York is lucky to be getting her back and Johannesburg will miss her greatly.”  – Annabel P.

“I have been attending Meg’s classes for the past year now and I can honestly say that she is a phenomenal teacher. Her classes tick all the boxes in my eyes. They are spiritual, fun, uplifting and strong. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now and have attended classes in a few different countries and Meg’s standards are right up there.  Meg is a very real and down to earth person, which makes it easy for her students to relate to her. She is who she is and she is damn good at what she does!!! Her passion for yoga comes across in every class. I will miss her dearly when she leaves South Africa to continue her journey in New York, but I will be crossing the ocean to do her class.” – Robyn R.




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